maine deer hunts - trophy maine whitetailMaine Deer Hunts are one of the most demanding and challenging yet rewarding Whitetail hunts you will find anywhere. Trophy Whitetail Bucks in eastern Maine, commonly go over 200 lbs and have beautiful unique racks that every serious deer hunter dreams of. The feeling of wrapping your hands around a dark mass of antlers after a hard hunt and looking at your 200 lb. buck cannot be described.

The Region

This area of Maine has beautiful habitat that holds mature deer, ranging from vast wilderness covered in high hardwood ridges, thick dense spruce and cedar bogs, hundreds of lakes, ponds and small deadwaters as well as many timber cuts. Downeast Maine thrives on the logging industry, which we use to our advantage. Many logging roads and timber cuts allow us to get back into where the deer hide more efficiently. We hunt the way it should be, by knowing where the bucks are and getting in their country until we find them. The remote scenery you will enjoy on your hunt will never be forgotten as well.

Maine Deer Hunts

maine deer hunts - trophy maine whitetailHunting methods consist of sitting in stands and ground blinds and watching a crossing, still hunting through a well scouted area, paddling softly through a remote deadwater looking to catch a buck near the stream, or when the snow is here, tracking your buck down. In the fall these trophy deer have a huge range and knowing there travel corridor and crossings are a must to be successful. Your Guide has started preparation for your whitetail hunt long before you arrive by scouting, finding the active crossings and scrapes, and setting trail cameras. The blinds and stands are all placed in productive areas well in advance of your arrival. Our Trophy Deer Hunts take place in the month of November when bucks are in the peak of rut. In the fall these trophy deer have a huge range and knowing there travel corridor and crossings are a must to be successful.

Trip Information

Three and six day fully guided deer hunts are offered. Well in advance of the deer hunting season, your guide will prepare for your arrival with preseason scouting, blind and stand placement and placement of trail cameras. After you’ve harvested your trophy your guide will aid in all dragging and field dressing.

Hunts are available including lodging at our Remote Outpost Cabin or without lodging. For more information please see our Lodging & Accommodations page. For rates, available options and booking information please see our Guided Trip Rates page. Hunting license not included and can be purchased from Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife.

Come experience Maine Deer Hunting at its finest in the beautiful remote Downeast Maine with us at Hunt East Adventures! We look forward to hunting the big woods with you!